Sunday, July 20, 2008

Something I typed near the end of Summer but never bothered to post

Something I typed near the end of Summer but never bothered to post. I haven't posted in a while because Iv'e been busy all summer. Just for anyone who cares, my playlist on the right side is being updated every day (automatically). I ended the school year with A's and B's except for language arts (C). I started off the summer with the Averetts already in California so we had a sleepover almost every night. I think I was a day out of school when I went to Lake Nacimento with Trevor, the rest of the Longs, Tyler, and Ryan. And my family. Igot a really bad sunburn the first day and suffered through with a lot of manly pain. We were there from Thursday (?) to Monday... Tuesday morning. By the time Jesse and I were asleep, my mom and dad discovered that their bathroom's toilet had flooded half of the house. By Tuesday afternoon at least ten groups of people had entered and exited the house, whether surveying the damage, calming my mom, offering their houses for a day (Thank you!), or just blabbing with my dad. Tuesday night I spent the night at my friend Steven's house with my other friend Trevor. It was decided that my mom's bathroom and bedroom would be gutted along with the kitchen. My room, the dining, and the game room all need new floors.Blah, blah blah. I went to Kansas for eighteen days. We did a lot of really fun stuff like go to the waterpark where I did a flip off the high dive, overrotated, and landed on my back. Manly pain. We also went to an amusement park when it was so hot it was hard to have a good time. We also went on some bikerides and went to laser tag and some other stuff.


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