Friday, March 30, 2007


i am currently thinking of getting what i love(MONEY!). i just found out i can make money by letting companies advertise through my blog. i am now taking a vote as to whether or not i should let companies advertise, and you can join in. all you have to do is put a comment on this blog. i will need a simple yes or no. i do not need a name.

example: YES
other example:NO
i am letting you vote now through sometime in late June.


hello everyone! My name is Cody. this is my first blog where i will tell you about myself.
1) i love money
2)i like to dirt bike
3)i like boats
4)i like innertubing
5)i am a black belt
6)i am awesome
7)i am in the sixth grade
8)i airsoft
9)i paintball
10)i am 12
11)i can not think of anything to write
12) my list is done