Monday, November 17, 2008

Arroyo Verde

My last cross country meet was on Thursday. We ran at Arroyo Verde park on hilly, dirt trails. We started and I couldn't keep up with Sean or Spencer because there were just too many people (120 ish). We ran on grass for a while then we made a U-turn. Another U, and one more, and we were running up an asphalt slope. That turned into dirt really fast, and we went up really far and then we ran down a huge hill. Up and down on a dusty dirt trail about 5 times. I had been running wth Spencer up to here, but I slowly lost him on the hills. Then we had to turn right as we came down a hill, turn left and jump off a 1.5" cliff onto grass. I saw Spencer down a ways so I went up one notch catch up. So then I saw Evan and Alan ------- from church so I said hi. After that I caught up to Spencer and we hauled up another HUGE hill of dirt. It wasn't very steep but it was long. Down,up, down, up, and then we made a U-turn to the left. Down a really long asphalt hill, right, U-turn to the left, home stretch. I was ahead of Spencer and I immediately passed one kid. Then another, and one more. Then I was neck and neck with some short kid. Short kids are really good at hills because they don't have to worry about their monster legs smacking the side of the hill and tripping because they only have stumps. The home stretch on this course was probably 250 yards. I passed him and the he passed me and it was back and forth until we got to the chute. He kicked it up one last time and I couldn't so he got 19th and I got 20th. I'm sick so I'm gonna take a nap now.


Mike said...

That 1.5 inch cliff must have been really scary!!! Twenty out of 120 is really impressive! Good job! I am sure I would have gotten lost with all the u-turns. And at the base of all the hills I would have jumped on someone's back and made them carry me up the hill. Mike will go down hills but he won't go up them.

Cody said...

Oops. 1.5'. There we go.